A New Day

January 10, 2012 § Leave a comment


DH and I did our second day of P90X yesterday. Ow. Plyometrics. I want to burn plyometrics. Who wants to do a “squat jack”? Really. I did NOT make it through the entire first workout. DH really pushed me to try and stay on my feet until the end and do SOMETHING. So I did. I had sweat pouring off of my ponytail. I don’t sweat like that… mostly because I don’t work out like that. 2012 is a year for something new for me, though! My goal is to be able to put the kids in the stroller and go for a run. A run while pushing approximately 85 lbs of baby and stroller.

I have to go to Costco this morning and load up on the food items that we are going through like crazy. Eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, chocolate milk, etc, are all running out fast. As well as Greek salad items, tuna, and proteins. I under-anticipated the amount we would be eating. I’m actually not eating that much – my caloric intake isn’t that terribly high. But since DH works a job during the day that is extremely physical, he’s on the 3000 calorie diet, plus he has added approximately an additional 750 calories. So DH is eating nearly 4000 calories every day. Most of which are proteins.

Contrary to what this post looks like, this blog is not going to entirely focus on P90X. I’m sure as we get into a bit and figure it out, it’s not going to dominate life as much as it is now. We’ll get the hang of the food and eating, and it won’t be such a challenge to handle it all.

I made cottage cheese pancakes, with a recipe from my Beachbody coach. The recipe sounded far better than it tastes… it doesn’t taste awful, but it’s seriously lacking in the yummy department. I also made my own protein bars yesterday. DH says they taste like Christmas fudge, so I guess that’s a good thing!

Tonight is arms and shoulders. We’ll see how that goes.


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