Decide. Commit. Succeed.

January 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

First of all… it is exactly one month until my tiny, precious baby boy turns 1! How can that possibly be?

So here I am. 12 days into 2012. And I’m struggling already. Isn’t that the way it goes? I’m having a hard time putting down the unimportant things and focusing on my kids. While I strive to make myself more organized, they are being ignored. Obviously their needs are being met: they are fed, they have clean clothes on, toys to play with, etc. But here I am, making schedules, prayer sheets, task lists… all to better my future and theirs, but they are being ignored.

It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it? I suppose that’s why life is called “the rat race”. It feels like it sometimes! In an effort to make life better, you make it worse in the present.

I sometimes look at those mothers (the ones that are probably fictitious but feel like reality) who have seemingly perfect homes that are always tidy, their children are well behaved and the mothers are never short with them, their husbands may or may not pitch in but their entire existence just seems to be well laid out and perfect. And I wonder, why am I not one of those people? Why is it that on any given day, it looks like a bomb went off in EVERY SINGLE ROOM of my house? Why do I feel like I’m always short with my kids and never patient and kind? Why do I feel like I can’t ever accomplish any of the tasks that I want to complete in a day?

Because I’m a normal human being. There might be a select few of those mothers out there who seemingly have perfection. But they are not the norm. They are not the every day mother. They are the exception to the rule. I think the rule is what I am. I’d be nuts to think that my kids will never drive me up a wall, or that my house will always look like perfection. If it sometimes looks decent, I’m good with that. If I get more good time than negative time with my kids, I’m good. If there is any sort of dinner on the table, it’s been a success.

In the meantime… I will continue to make my charts and lists and put them into a binder. I will continue to try and organize myself so that there is even more positive time with my kids, as well as my husband. Perhaps in the future dinner will be more creative, and the house will be tidy more often. All I can do is try harder.

“I can do ALL things, through Christ who gives me strength”. I can. I will.

“Decide, Commit, Succeed”. This is the motto of our P90X. I find that it is applicable to far more in life than just a workout routine.


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§ One Response to Decide. Commit. Succeed.

  • I like that – Decide, Commit, Succeed. A good motto for all of life. Be assured that you are NOT alone, that you ARE doing a great job, and that you WILL succeed. Just relax a little bit and enjoy your family.

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