And On it Goes

January 23, 2012 § 5 Comments

I’ve become a Pinterest freak. I admit it. BUT I have gained valuable recipes, ideas, and insights from the site. It’s not all a time waster. One of things I discovered was a list of what My Father is to me. It has 18 different personality traits, with scriptures to go along with. I wrote this all down in my everything notebook (a really wonderful red moleskine), and each day I plan to do a different study on the different traits. Yesterday I did “He Loves Me”, and oddly enough, the listing did not have “God is love” as the verse. I added it.

I heard a minister say yesterday (listening with my DH off of an app on his phone) that you can’t know the will of God until you know the Word of God, and until you know who God is. So I’m taking some time to learn who God is. Yesterday he was (and still is) love, today he “Cares for Me”, and it is taken from Matthew 6:26 – which talks about birds being taken care of, and how much more does God love you?

I’m looking forward, at the end of 18 days, to have a clearer picture of who God is, and how he responds to me. Because he never changes. God is always the same. If he loved me when the Bible was written, He still loves me. If he cared for me when He put it in His Word, then He still cares for me.

When I know who He is, and how He responds to me, then I will have a clearer understanding of what His will is. I’m so glad we have a direction manual. Without the Word, we would be so lost.

















































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