Pensive and Pondering

February 1, 2012 § Leave a comment


Today is the first day of February. We, as a family, are on the verge of some incredibly major life changing decisions. And here in south west Canada, we are on the verge of Spring! I know it’s a comparison that people make over and over again. But I can’t help but cherish the coincidental new beginnings. Things are going to be hard in the next couple of months in our home. Decisions will be made, and require major follow through. Budgets must be adhered to. Adjustments are being made. But in the end, there will be the refreshing newness of Spring.

There are so many things I want to change. I wrote about it at the beginning of January. I haven’t changed most of them. Hence, the lack of New Years’ resolutions. I’ve fallen into the “typical” category – people who don’t actually follow through on their resolutions. Granted, I didn’t actually MAKE resolutions… I made a statement. “Try Harder”. And in some areas, I have done that. I have definitely been trying harder at fitness (Kenpo yesterday…a lot of sweat, but not so much pain), and eating healthier (we have never gone through fresh veggies and feta cheese as fast as we have been since January), I’ve not been trying harder at “wifing” and “mothering”. The important things.

Why is it that we leave the most precious things until the end? Granted, eating healthier and becoming fit are things that will benefit my husband and children, but I am not directly becoming better to them. But what does becoming better mean? If you’re reading this, I really do want your thoughts and opinions on how to be a better parent to toddlers, and how to be a better wife. In my mind, a lot of it looks like a cleaner house and teaching them ABC’s and 123’s, and I know that cleaning and teaching aren’t necessarily the answer. I know part of it is bettering myself – any parent of toddlers can tell you that you spend exactly 1.2 minutes on yourself each day, on average. And increasing that amount will automatically put me in the “better Mom” category. But practically, what does it mean?

I have a friend whose children are the same ages as mine. And yesterday she baked Valentine’s Day sugar cookies with them. With a 2 1/2 year old and a just turned 1 year old. I find that a little crazy, and am at the same time, jealous that she found the time/energy to do something so awesome with her little ones! Does trying harder at “Momming” mean baking with the kids? Does it mean making play-dough and playing with them? Does it mean actively sitting down with them and teaching them things? Or is it more vague… like teaching them to say please and thank you (which my 2 year old does very consistently) and adding lessons into daily life?

Help, those of you who read this blog. Give me your insight!


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