Stop Joseph Kony

March 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

There is a lot going on in the world right now. My children are being raised in a time and a place where there is no peace. They are being raised in a world where their uncle, a United States soldier, fights every day for peace. They are being raised in a self-centred world. Where we think about ourselves, possibly our own city, maybe even our country. But we rarely think about what is beyond our own country. Those are not the kind of people I want to raise. I want my children to be aware of the world around them. Not just their own borders, but what is going on in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, and in South America.

This morning on Facebook, I was bombarded by a video. I knew about “Invisible Children”. I had heard the story. But apparently I had forgotten. How can someone forget that in Uganda and the surrounding countries, a man is ransacking villages, kidnapping children, and forcing them into slavery – either sexual slavery for the girls, or forcing them to carry guns and kill and mutilate their neighbours and families. This man is Joseph Kony.

Watch the video. Be aware.


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