How To Make Parenting Easy

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is the exact phrase that I googled this morning.

I’m not daft or slow. I I realize that parenting is work, and it’s a job. I realize that it takes effort and can’t be taken lightly. I realize that locking children in the closet is not the answer to that question!

I came upon this article in the Wall Street Journal:

and I was encouraged.

Apparently, all these things that “they” say we’re supposed to do… don’t matter! Imagine that. It doesn’t matter if we take our kids to after school activities every day, and it doesn’t matter if we read to them before bed. It doesn’t matter if I am “super mom” and bake cookies with my children every single day. It just doesn’t matter. These things don’t make happy kids. Spending time with them and being there makes them happy.

You I will still have to do some of the “hard” things. Like put the computer down. Or the book down. They still need “mommy time”. But I don’t have to be super. It doesn’t directly affect their level of success if my house is clean or messy. Or if I had them watch Baby Einstein every morning from 3 weeks on. Or if I let them listen to classical music in the womb (which I didn’t). What matters is that they have a mommy and a daddy who love them. And that they know it. 


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