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March 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was a beautiful, bright, warm, sunshiny day. Our two children, ages almost 3 and 13 months, spent a good portion of the day outside to expend energy and encourage afternoon naps before our evening church service. Well. That was the hope.

We typically leave for church at 3:30. At this time, we were still hearing loud noises coming from DS1’s room, despite DS2 having fallen asleep a mere 20 minutes prior. We had discussed staying home, but decided that we’d give church a shot. After all, Grandma & Grandpa, as well as an Auntie, were all there to help keep the boys occupied. We woke the little one up, and got the boys ready to go. In the ten minutes it took to get the kids ready, there were 3 tantrums thrown by DS1. Yup, you heard me. 3. In 10 minutes. And still we packed them up, and off we went. What were we thinking?

We had been there about 10 minutes when I started to think it was not a good idea. DS2 was being pretty good, being entertained by stacking cups and little treats. But DS1 is another story. Auntie had brought movies on her iPod, which were promptly discarded. Mommy had brought his “computer” (aka, a Leapster), which was promptly discarded. The snacks lasted a little while, but when they disappeared, that was it. The noise began. Well… actually, it just increased in volume.

Finally, after 1 hour of trying, we gave in. Packed the kids up and left. Such is the life of a family with little ones. Maybe one day we’ll get to sit through and HEAR an entire church service.


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