Allowing Yourself to be Led

April 12, 2012 § 1 Comment


I once heard a pastor (possibly even my husband) say that God can more easily guide us if we are moving, than if we are sitting down and waiting.

I experienced a wonderful example of this yesterday as I was putting my 14 month old son to bed. He was standing up and running around and I caught his hand and said “lets go find your bed now!”, and started walking towards his room. Along the way he wanted to veer into the kitchen, but I was able to steer him away. And then he wanted to explore the bathroom, but I was holding his hand, so he came with me. And we ended up in his bedroom. And he went to bed, where his mother wanted him to be.

This is a great example of God and us. As long as we are moving SOMEWHERE, He can guide us into the place where he wants us. However, if we choose to sit down and wait for Him to pick us up, it is so much more difficult for Him and for us.

The moral of the story? Get up. Make a decision. Get moving. Let God guide you.


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