A Lesson Learned

April 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

About ten days ago I started getting mysterious junk mail. A lot of it. Around the same time, my anti virus software kept popping up saying my Firewall was off. I would turn it on, and three seconds later, it would turn itself off again. A virus.

I spent a great deal of time doing spyware and malware scans, and they found 118 malicious files on my computer, which I got rid of. But still the pesky problems. Now, I could have taken my computer in to a shop for them to fix it. But then my family wouldn’t have eaten this week. So I knew I had to somehow fix it myself.

With much trepidation, I posted my problem on a PC forum for help. Lo and behold, I ended up with the most fantastic tech guide helping me along. It took six hours (I’m sure he was helping a number of other people at the same time), a variety of logs, scans, deletions, restarts, and instructions. And today? No virus. And I can look back now, and I know what I did. I understand the purpose for every step taken, and how the steps all came together for a final positive end.

What was the lesson I learned? During all of this, I really wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. I was following instructions blind. I had no idea who this person was on the other end of the computer, and I had no idea whether or not he wanted to help me, or cause further issues. But I knew my options were limited. I had to follow his instructions, or I would continue to live infected.

Here’s the lesson. God often gives us instructions one little step at a time. He doesn’t give us the whole picture, but he expects us to follow each and every small instruction along the way. And at the end, we can look back, and see how all the pieces were put together to create one final result. He doesn’t expect us to understand why we’re doing something. He doesn’t expect us to understand how. He just expects us to do it. And if we do, at the end, we will see the results, and how they all fit together.


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