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Around 11 a.m., a dear friend instructed me to sit down and have a second cup of coffee. I though it was a fabulous idea, so I prepared my Keurig to make me my second coffee of the day. Once it was ready, I went in search of my favourite coffee mug. You know the one – the right size and shape, it fits perfectly in your hand and holds exactly the right amount of cream and sugar for your amount of coffee. I went on a hunt. And I found it. Holding three quarters of a cold cup of coffee. Apparently I never drank cup of coffee #1.

Do you ever have these days? Or is it just me? My wonderful dear husband comments regularly on how could I possibly forget to drink my cup of coffee. Yet I do it regularly.

After my forgotten cup of coffee, I fed two children, put a baby down for a nap, played play-dough with a preschooler (thanks Mama & Papa), moved around an entire room full of furniture, researched homeschool curriculum for said preschooler, wrote two e-mails, texted with my husband, put a load of wash in the machine, got two children lunch…and then found the un-drank cup of coffee.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is. Other than… oops.


Beginning the Homeschooling Journey

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Now that DS1 (aka Monkey Boy) is three (Happy Birthday Little Man!), we are starting to think about the homeschooling journey we are planning to undertake. There are so many options and I don’t know where to begin!

I read blogs of these incredible women who have four or eight or eleven children and they homeschool all of these fabulous kids. And some of them have a relaxed schooling system, and others have the most incredible school in their home that you’ve ever seen! I think I’ll be somewhere inbetween.

Firstly can I say… I am excited to homeschool in part because I love school supplies. The best time of year for me as a kid was getting new school supplies. The years my mom told me that I still had enough left over from last year were so sad. I love paper and pens and sticky things and magnets and binders and crayons and coloured pencils and tape and glue and scissors. I wish I had hundreds and hundreds of dollars to go to the office supply store and buy buy buy!

I do know that I’d like to start some kind of preschool with Monkey Boy. He’s such a good learner on his own – he picks things up way faster than if I try and teach him. So I know it’s going to require some creativity to teach him effectively – not only now, but as he grows  up and gets older and starts more advanced schooling as well. He’s going to have to think it’s his own idea, this whole learning experience.

I love the idea of magnet boards, cutting activities, bingo dabber activities, etc. But how to make these things into an effective homeschooling program? I don’t know yet. I guess I know what I’ll be doing this summer!

Homeschooling moms out there – help! Give me your ideas!


Leaving, On a Jet Plane!

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The tickets are booked, and we are on our way! New York, here we come!

Uh-oh… how in the WORLD are we going to travel across the continent with a three year old and a 17 month old? Panic. Panic. Dread. Panic.

So begins the planning. Can I bring my double stroller? Check. Can I bring unlimited baggage? Practically (thank you Southwest, for your free baggage policy). Can I bring my car seat? Check. Can we all sit together? Uh-oh. Maybe not. Praying for very happy and laid back co-passengers who will allow my little family to sit all together. Or at least across the aisle from one another. AND praying for a not full flight, so that our little DS2 can have his own seat! Wouldn’t that be fabulous? And that is, apparently, the policy at Southwest. If there are empties, these little monkey lap infants get them.

Now it’s time to look into travel insurance ($126 for the whole year, for the whole family… not too shabby considering all of our south of the border day trips), special goodies and treats for the kids on the plane, A LOT of stickers for DS1, a lot of snacks for DS2 (and DH), a portable DVD player, possibly, and whatever else we think will make our trip manageable. While we are so excited to go and see family, I must admit, I’m not excited about the trip.

Any hints for travelling with little ones would be greatly appreciated!


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My precious almost three year old threw up last night. What a start to a blog, eh? Well, it was the middle of the night, and I heard crying. Lots of crying. I ran to the boys’ bedroom, opened the door…and promptly ran to get my husband.

There are some things you can handle, and some things you can’t. Vomit is one of the things I can’t handle. At all. Not unless I want to be cleaning up my own of the same. Yuck.

I was reminded again what an incredible husband I have. Even though I am a stay at home Mom, he didn’t look at me and say “I have to work in the morning. You can clean it up!” He got up, came with me, and cleaned up the majority of the mess while I showered a toddler, threw laundry in the wash, and located clean sheets and blankets. What an amazing husband I have.

Today that little boy is healthy, full of life, and a bundle of energy. As usual. Too bad my lack of sleep means I’m not quite that energetic…


Keeping Up

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When I started this blog, my goal was to change. CHANGE. That was my word.

I haven’t changed very much. However, there is one thing that I am now 6 days into that I am loving. And that’s a clean kitchen. My kitchen is dull. We live in a rental, and are not allowed to paint cabinets, or they would long be white. But they are not. They are a dreary 1980’s oak. And we have one window in our kitchen that faces the neighbour’s garage. So there isn’t much light. With all of these factors combined, I tend to spend enough time in the kitchen to do what I must do, and then get out. So the mess gets made, but not cleaned up. And then I have to laboriously drag myself into the kitchen once every 3-4 days and spend an hour on it because it’s that nasty.

Last Thursday, late at night, I was fed up. I usually go to bed around 10, since I have a very early morning baby, but this night, it was 11:30 and I was still cleaning. While my precious husband slept on the couch after a late soccer game, I cleaned. And cleaned and cleaned. My dear husband woke up to a bit of a shock – a spotlessly clean kitchen and coffee ready to be made just for him.

I’ve done this before. Obviously it’s not the very first time I’ve cleaned my kitchen. But after a day or two, things start to pile up again. And it’s back to being nasty and disgusting and nowhere I want to be. But this time is different. I’m keeping it up. I am six days in, and my kitchen is still clean. I have an awesome new “mop” (the Rubbermaid Reveal) which allows me to “wash” my floors every day. So now when my kids run into the kitchen I don’t have to yell for them to not eat anything off the floor! Because now, if there is something on the floor, it is most likely something that one of them dropped from their most recent meal. So if they want to eat it, that’s fine with me.

I’m finding myself with a lot of time on my hands now that the kitchen is clean. Not because I spent so much time cleaning it before, but because I spent so much time thinking about cleaning it before.

Now if only I could keep up with the laundry…

In Control

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Do you ever wonder why you don’t trust God more often? I do.

We had DS1 registered in preschool for the fall. A big preschool. A chain, which I have heard amazing things about. I felt very comfortable having him at that preschool. Well, it came time to pay the deposit, and just the way circumstances were, we didn’t have that much extra money at that particular time. We would have had it three weeks sooner, and we would have had it three weeks later. But just not at that particular time. So I had to call the school and withdraw his registration. Which I felt terrible about.

Lo and behold, a friend of many years posted on Facebook that she was starting an in-home daycare/preschool. She’s also moving to a new house about five blocks away from me. DS1 already asks to go to her house nearly every day, because he loves it there. She’s only allowed to have 8 children all together, and to be honest, I feel far more comfortable with DS1 being in a situation with a small group, and someone I know well, than a new place with lots of children and no hands on attention.

DH and I realize that preschool is a luxury. It is not a necessity in life. So withdrawing DS1 from his large, awesome preschool wasn’t the end of the world. But God has provided something else. What a blessing to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, instead of my own feelings and thoughts and desires. I wanted DS1 in preschool mostly to be in a class with his little neighbour friend. But he sees her anyway, and can play with her other times. And God has shown me another way.

Now… if only I could figure out what the Holy Spirit is saying about getting my kids to sleep in the same room…

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