In Control

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Do you ever wonder why you don’t trust God more often? I do.

We had DS1 registered in preschool for the fall. A big preschool. A chain, which I have heard amazing things about. I felt very comfortable having him at that preschool. Well, it came time to pay the deposit, and just the way circumstances were, we didn’t have that much extra money at that particular time. We would have had it three weeks sooner, and we would have had it three weeks later. But just not at that particular time. So I had to call the school and withdraw his registration. Which I felt terrible about.

Lo and behold, a friend of many years posted on Facebook that she was starting an in-home daycare/preschool. She’s also moving to a new house about five blocks away from me. DS1 already asks to go to her house nearly every day, because he loves it there. She’s only allowed to have 8 children all together, and to be honest, I feel far more comfortable with DS1 being in a situation with a small group, and someone I know well, than a new place with lots of children and no hands on attention.

DH and I realize that preschool is a luxury. It is not a necessity in life. So withdrawing DS1 from his large, awesome preschool wasn’t the end of the world. But God has provided something else. What a blessing to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, instead of my own feelings and thoughts and desires. I wanted DS1 in preschool mostly to be in a class with his little neighbour friend. But he sees her anyway, and can play with her other times. And God has shown me another way.

Now… if only I could figure out what the Holy Spirit is saying about getting my kids to sleep in the same room…


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