Keeping Up

May 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

When I started this blog, my goal was to change. CHANGE. That was my word.

I haven’t changed very much. However, there is one thing that I am now 6 days into that I am loving. And that’s a clean kitchen. My kitchen is dull. We live in a rental, and are not allowed to paint cabinets, or they would long be white. But they are not. They are a dreary 1980’s oak. And we have one window in our kitchen that faces the neighbour’s garage. So there isn’t much light. With all of these factors combined, I tend to spend enough time in the kitchen to do what I must do, and then get out. So the mess gets made, but not cleaned up. And then I have to laboriously drag myself into the kitchen once every 3-4 days and spend an hour on it because it’s that nasty.

Last Thursday, late at night, I was fed up. I usually go to bed around 10, since I have a very early morning baby, but this night, it was 11:30 and I was still cleaning. While my precious husband slept on the couch after a late soccer game, I cleaned. And cleaned and cleaned. My dear husband woke up to a bit of a shock – a spotlessly clean kitchen and coffee ready to be made just for him.

I’ve done this before. Obviously it’s not the very first time I’ve cleaned my kitchen. But after a day or two, things start to pile up again. And it’s back to being nasty and disgusting and nowhere I want to be. But this time is different. I’m keeping it up. I am six days in, and my kitchen is still clean. I have an awesome new “mop” (the Rubbermaid Reveal) which allows me to “wash” my floors every day. So now when my kids run into the kitchen I don’t have to yell for them to not eat anything off the floor! Because now, if there is something on the floor, it is most likely something that one of them dropped from their most recent meal. So if they want to eat it, that’s fine with me.

I’m finding myself with a lot of time on my hands now that the kitchen is clean. Not because I spent so much time cleaning it before, but because I spent so much time thinking about cleaning it before.

Now if only I could keep up with the laundry…


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