Leaving, On a Jet Plane!

May 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

The tickets are booked, and we are on our way! New York, here we come!

Uh-oh… how in the WORLD are we going to travel across the continent with a three year old and a 17 month old? Panic. Panic. Dread. Panic.

So begins the planning. Can I bring my double stroller? Check. Can I bring unlimited baggage? Practically (thank you Southwest, for your free baggage policy). Can I bring my car seat? Check. Can we all sit together? Uh-oh. Maybe not. Praying for very happy and laid back co-passengers who will allow my little family to sit all together. Or at least across the aisle from one another. AND praying for a not full flight, so that our little DS2 can have his own seat! Wouldn’t that be fabulous? And that is, apparently, the policy at Southwest. If there are empties, these little monkey lap infants get them.

Now it’s time to look into travel insurance ($126 for the whole year, for the whole family… not too shabby considering all of our south of the border day trips), special goodies and treats for the kids on the plane, A LOT of stickers for DS1, a lot of snacks for DS2 (and DH), a portable DVD player, possibly, and whatever else we think will make our trip manageable. While we are so excited to go and see family, I must admit, I’m not excited about the trip.

Any hints for travelling with little ones would be greatly appreciated!


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