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June 13, 2012 § Leave a comment


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a research freak. I research anything and everything like crazy before I even think about spending my husband’s hard earned money. I researched my first stroller like crazy, and even had to specially order it, but it was perfectly what I wanted. When our number two child surprised us, I researched our double stroller like crazy, and I love it. When we purchased our ten year old minivan, I researched it like crazy to discover it had the highest safety ratings of any other minivan at the time. So we bought it. I research. It’s what I do.

Now I am researching the art of homeschooling. I didn’t say curriculum, because I am discovering that curriculum is just one tiny portion of what homeschooling is. You have to have a system, and organization, and you, the teacher, have to enjoy what you’re doing. You have to decide if you want to be the one doing all the preparation, or do you want to pay extra to have the company do all the prep. You have to decide if you’re going to start with a five-day preschool, or a 3-day preschool. You have to decide if you want to go with a traditional academic approach, or one of the other less mainstream approaches. You have to decide if you want your “school” to be highly structured, or more “go with the flow”.

After a couple of weeks of research, I’m starting to discover what kind of teacher I am. I’m being drawn to a more traditionally academic approach, with a bit of Charlotte Mason (literature based) thrown in. I’m being drawn to doing my own prep and planning, so I can tailor it to myself and my kids (which is cheaper anyway). I’m leaning towards a 3-day preschool, since the whole “school” idea is brand new. I like to do my own printing and laminating, and cutting and gluing. I like to be in charge of what my kids are doing and learning. I’m one of those crazy people who gets excited about purchasing a laminating machine, and 26 3-ring binders for my letters of the week.

I think this homeschooling thing might be fun.


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