The Ten O’Clock Adventure

June 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last night around 10:00 my husband and I were getting ready to head off to bed. It had been a long day, and we were both tired. We just wanted to get into bed and sleep. I looked up and saw that the light was on in our 3 year old’s bedroom. Inside I was hoping that he had just turned the light on and fallen asleep without turning it off again. No such luck.

We walk in, and see a little boy sitting in his bed with chocolate smeared all over his face, candy sugar powder dusting his entire bed, foil wrappers everywhere, and a guilty expression on his face. Just so you all know, that candy was in such a place that he could see it – we use it as a reward – but not reach it. He had to do some pretty serious gymnastics to reach that candy bag!

What was the result of this event? Well, shortly after being cleaned up, teeth brushed again, and disciplined for his actions, the little boy fell right to sleep – a sugar coma, I imagine. Unfortunately, sugar comas only last until the sugar kicks in and then whoever ate the sugar is wired. In my little boy’s situation, the sugar kicked in around 3:30 a.m. At 4 a.m., I heard his door open and had light rush into my bedroom.

From that moment on, the household was awake. He successfully woke up Mommy, Daddy, AND baby brother. And now it’s 8:25, and I need a nap. Unfortunately, the sugar is still in his system.


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