June 29, 2012 § Leave a comment


I’ve turned into a bit of a DIY queen. My poor husband comes home nearly every day to something newly re-made, a craft project on our kitchen table, or something “new” for the kids. His go to question for me is just one word – “Pinterest?” and indeed, every time, it is Pinterest.

Today I made 3 toddler busy bags. DS1 (age 3) seemed extremely interested in what I was doing. Probably because he’s not accustomed to seeing Mommy sitting at the kitchen table colouring. We made a colour wheel, with clothespins to match. We made a shape/number wheel with clothespins to match, and we put together a bundle of popsicle sticks to make shapes. Photos to come at a later moment. Also in the plan is a felt pizza, a felt man (with individual pieces, so DS1 can build his own pizza/man/car/house). We may do something with beading/counting for DS2 (17 months), a “seek and find” bottle or jar, and anything else I can think of that may keep two little boys busy for a very long flight.

What else can we plan on for these monkeys during our trip? We plan to have a DVD player accessible, snacks, drinks, goodies, blankets, and they each get a lovey (DS1 has an elephant, and DS2 has a froggie).

If anyone has any suggestions, please share! This is a first time for us – we haven’t flown since DS1 was 5 months old. HELP!


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