Did You Miss Me?

August 1, 2012 § Leave a comment



This is where I’ve been. Isn’t it gorgeous?

But we’re home now, and back to life. Why does it always seem harder to live right after you get home from a vacation? Whatever the reason, it certainly feels harder. The kids seem more disobedient, the house seems messier, and the chores seem greater. Life seems… busier than it ought to be.

All of this comes on the edge of my DH and I deciding we need to make some life changes to live a more simple life. We don’t want to raise our precious children to think that the only thing to life is technology. Obviously technology is important, but we want them to understand that you can actually grow your own food. And there are people and animals around you who are more important than checking your Facebook page. We want them to understand the value of hard work, and sowing and planting.

And then we went on vacation. To the family farm. Where there are cows, a garden, tractors, and a lot of space for them to run and play. And they adjusted! My precious city kids earned hardened callouses on their feet from playing outside on the gravel driveway barefoot. They learned to pee outside (as I shake my head in shame). They learned to let the dog lick their plates clean. They learned the joy of playing outside with acres and acres of freedom. And they loved every second of it.

A further reminder that city life is not always the life. It’s life. But perhaps not the life for us.


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