Being the Minority

May 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

boy prays


It’s hard being the minority.

My husband and I have decided to raise our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We realize that if these precious children that God has given us never learn to obey and respect us, they will never learn to obey and respect the Lord. We follow biblical principles of child-rearing. And in our tight Christian circles, we are the minority.

Our Christian society has been so influenced by the world around us that biblical principles have been left for “serious situations”, or “dangerous situations”. How did we, as a Christian society, get to the point where the Bible is only relevant when the situation is “serious”? When did it become up to us to decide what is serious and what is not? My child disobeying me deliberately is a serious issue. Treating their parents with disrespect is a serious issue. Treating others with disrespect is a serious issue.

75 years ago, we would have been a normal family. We would have been the same as everyone else. But now we are in the extreme minority. I know of one other family in our circle who believe as we do. And that’s all. How did this happen?

It hasn’t happened only with raising children. I believe our entire Christian society has become desensitised to the world around us. Our Christian community has become more open to things like couples living together before they are married, homosexual relationships, foul language, and dressing provocatively. These things have become somewhat commonplace in our Christian circles. Some us can clearly see the world’s influence in these situations, yet we don’t see any influence of the world in our “new” child raising practices.

50-75 years ago, children respected their parents. They listened and obeyed when spoken to. They grew up to love and honour their parents. I don’t see that anymore. I see children talking back to parents. I see parents negotiating with children. I see grown children disrespecting parents, and I see five year old children disrespecting parents. Why is it that we think the world’s way is better? Has it been successful? I certainly don’t see better results from them. So why do we take their attitude towards child raising? Do we want our children to talk back and disrespect us? I certainly don’t.

So as a part of becoming the family we want to be, I will stand in the minority. And I will follow God’s principles.


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